Instagram dump. Bunch of Wips done during my free time at work.
Feel free to check my instagram. I update there more frequently >36)b

AHH// im so in love with you art ever since i was younger ;//u//; I'm so glad coming back to the art community i found you!!! you still have an amazing and SUPER unique style that i can stare at for days /// i love it and you so much you're such a doll ;/v/; i hope to see more from you!! i hope you are doing good ugh 8u8 ure just so awesome!! i gotta save up to commission you sometime //


I’ve been pretty beat by life recently but this message cheered me up 10 fold. Thanks anon, I really needed this! QvQ

I’ve been so busy this past month that I haven’t had the chance to draw anything QwQ Only been able to update my instagram once in a while O)—<

hello there! i bought a pack of your kill la kill stickers and i have to say i absolutely love the awesome quality of all of them! i've loved your art before you changed your username from shilloh to reudolce. it's absolutely amazing to see the improvement in your art skills and i'm so glad that i've been following you! <3

Oh man I’ve been riddled with anxiety as of late so this message really cheered me up ;v;

Thank you for buying my stuff and for staying with me up to now!! It really means a lot and I hope you have a great day QvQ)~<333333